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Rent a motorhome for a holiday in the Netherlands or abroad

What do we offer you?

Service from start to finish rents luxury, comfortable motorhomes from 2 to 6 people. Whether you are an experienced camper or not, we will help you on your way. We advise which motorhome suits you best, give tips about destinations and laws and regulations. But above all you go well prepared thanks to our thorough explanation, handy app and paper reference and you can always fall back on our service when you need it.

Our rental campers are also at the end of the season for sale. Our campers are in Aalsmeer, close to Amsterdam and Schiphol. A pick-up and delivery service from the airport is also one of our many options.

  • More than 35 luxury motorhomes
  • Very well equipped
  • All kilometers free
  • 24/7 service during your trip
  • Our customers give us a score of 9,2
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Experience the ultimate freedom

Rent a camper from and your journey will be one big adventure. Your holiday starts as soon as you get in. Nothing is obligated and everything is allowed! Take the time, a tourist route and enjoy your journey. Through nature or the city, to the beach or the mountains. "The journey, Not the destination matters"(TS Eliot). And with a motor home you are installed in no time or on your way to a new special place to stay. Do you also opt for this ultimate freedom?

Our young campers are fully equipped and ours rental rates are very complete. This way you have a full standard inventory, an awning and a bicycle carrier. All campers have cruise control and are easy to drive. Moreover, the German solidity of our motorhomes provides a wonderful sitting and sleeping comfort. With over 35 campers and no fewer than 12 different layouts, there is always something for you. View our luxurious, comfortable rental campers and book immediately.

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Service & support

Fully enjoy

We think it is important that everyone can optimally enjoy a motorhome holiday. That is why we offer all the guidance you need, before and if you want during your trip. We can be reached by phone 24 hours a day, but you can also download our handy app for free, which includes all sorts of practical tips for on the road. All tenants also receive a free trial subscription to the app Camper contact of the NKC, with more than 30.000 camper places in 51 countries.

In addition, we have extra facilities to make your trip even more comfortable. Do you not have certain things at home or do you just want to start your holiday relaxed? Then we can help with that. Consider a garden table with chairs, a navigation system, made beds or a richly filled fridge. Want to keep your holiday feeling nice and long? Then let us take care of the final cleaning, simply because it is possible!

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Which motorhome suits you?

Ask us!

Do you also want to go out with a camper but you have no idea which camper suits you and what kind of trip you want to make? Contact us, we are happy to help you on your way!

Is your question not in the top 10? Take a look at the 'Frequently asked questions' in the Contact menu or leave a message for us in the window on the bottom right of this page. We will respond as soon as possible.

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The 10 most frequently asked questions

  1. I don’t know which type of camper is the most suitable for our vacation, can help me?

    On our page Rental campers you can see what type of campers you can rent. If you have any doubts about your choice or would like to receive advice on the most suitable motorhome, you can contact us by phone on 0297 54 7007 or send an e-mail to You are also very welcome in our showroom to come and see the campers. View our opening hours.

  2. Can I view the campers before I go on vacation with them?

    This is of course possible and definitely recommended. You can just walk into our showroom and take a look at the campers, so that you are fully prepared for a holiday. View our here opening hours. Do you want to be sure that your preferred camper is present? Then call us on 0297 54 7007.

  3. Do we get an explanation about the camper before we leave?

    Yes, you will receive a detailed explanation on the day of departure so that you can travel without worries. Need more information? You get a handbook with information about the camper and you can consult our app for useful tips. The app can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

    If you cannot find an answer to your question via the manual and the app, you can always contact us by telephone on 0297 54 7007.

  4. What are the collection and return times?

    The rental period usually starts on Friday or Saturday between 14.00 and 17.00 PM and ends on Friday or Saturday between 09.00 and 12.00 AM. These can be different days outside the high season. Every motorhome has its own collection and return time. You will receive these times by email 10 days before departure. Keep in mind that you spend an average of 30 minutes on the issue and intake of your camper.

  5. What must the camper driver have and respect?

    Driving license B is sufficient for driving the camper. The driver must be at least 25 years and have a valid Dutch driver's license for 5 years. Non-Dutch residents must have a valid international driver's license that can be applied for in the country of origin. The camper may only be driven by the previously specified drivers.

    The driver must follow all instructions provided by when using the camper. The driver must drive the motorhome carefully and safely. It is explicitly not permitted to drive faster than the maximum speed limit. We recommend a maximum speed of 100 to 110 km / h.

  6. Which countries may be visited?

    All countries that are mentioned on the green card (international insurance certificate) may be visited with the camper, with the exception of risk areas designated in advance by the insurance and Are you in doubt about a country? Ask us. The green card is supplied as standard with the camper.

    It is not permitted to visit winter sports areas with the camper or to use the camper for winter sports purposes. Damage caused in winter sports areas or the use of the camper for winter sports purposes is at the expense of the tenant.

  7. Can my pet come along in the camper?

    Pets are allowed in the types Comfort single beds en Compact French bed, provided that has given written permission for this in advance.

  8. Does the camper need to be cleaned before it is returned?

    You can take care of the final cleaning of the rented camper yourself. This means that the inside and outside must be completely cleaned. Bee Loogman there are 5 self-service washing boxes on the Aalsmeerderweg, where you can easily clean the outside of the camper. The roof of the camper does not need to be cleaned.

    Do you want to keep your holiday feeling extra long? Then let us take care of the final cleaning. On the page Practical extras you will find an overview of the services that we can offer you.

  9. What to do in the event of a breakdown?

    In the event of a collision damage or breakdown due to mechanical breakdown, you should contact the ASR Emergency service by + 31 30 256 7777. We then ask you to inform us as soon as possible about the damage via 0297 54 7007. We are available 24/7. We also ask you to inform us as soon as possible for all other forms of breakdown or damage.

    If you get a breakdown on the highway, make sure you stop safely. In the first instance, try to end up at a breakdown port or service area. If this is not possible, you must necessarily sit on the emergency lane. Make sure that you place the camper as far as possible to the right against the roadside. Switch on your emergency lights, carefully step out on the side where there is no traffic and stand behind the guard rail (if possible).

  10. Am I and the camper insured?

    The motorhome is WA + Casco, including passengers, insured. There is an excess of € 1.000 per event, which is charged to the tenant in the event of damage at home and abroad. A green card is included with the motorhome. Damage caused by hail or other weather conditions, a blowout tire and the costs for replacing a window as a result of a window break or crushed stone are borne by the tenant. These forms of unforeseen damage fall under the deductible.

    Damage caused by driving under the influence or causing unauthorized persons to drive will be charged to the tenant. This damage is not covered by the deductible.

To all questions

What kind of trip would you like to make?

Experiences of our customers : we get a score of 9,2!

Worth repeating

A great way to travel freely. It was the first time for us to have a holiday with a camper, and is definitely worth repeating. Also a great explanation when receiving a camper.

Theo van den Heuij

Helpful and informative people, reliable campervan

A very clean, almost new campervan, everything well explained to us when we collected. The van was easy to drive and we had no problems maneuvering around the campsites we stayed at.

Geoff Longmire

In 1 word top, highly recommended!

The explanation and information about the rental and correct camper for traveling with a baby was very good. Nice welcome, very friendly. The motorhome itself was also excellent and used the handy app if we just didn't know something.


Always available for questions

Professional approach, customer friendly, always available for questions. Camper as good as new, so that the tenant can also have technical confidence. Partly because of this fantastic holiday.


A clean, well-functioning camper

Wonderfully spacious camper, powerful diesel engine, everything you need on board including spare equipment. A pleasure to tour with, within 5 minutes everything is unpacked and connected for relaxing and BBQing. Super service and super friendly. We recommend to everyone.

O. Sjoerds

Perfect experience

Experience a super holiday with this 6-person camper (we were 2 adults and 2 large adolescents) in Scotland. Easy drive, very much storage space, very good fridge. Perfect experience in terms of service, customer friendliness and delivered product.

JAC Valkenhoff

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  • Wide diversity of young campers
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  • Equipped with every luxury and comfort
  • Excellent service and guidance

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  • Delivery and collection service
  • 24/7 service and accessibility
  • Label in your own house style
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