Where can you go? What can you do?

The Netherlands has so much to offer! The crew knew that, but brightened up during this search for tips for our tenants during this Coronia period. Of course it is mainly about what you can do outside. We can't wait! You too?

For the kids

Enough entertainment for children in our own country. Park the camper and go on an adventure together.

  • National Park Zuid-Kennemerland

Did you know that wild horses and bison run in these dunes? The most beautiful hiking trails can be found here. You walk to the beach via dune lakes.

National Park Zuid-Kennemerland
  • Kibbelkoele in Drenthe

In the forests between Schoonoord and Noord-Sleen you will find Kibbelkoele, a lovely, clean swimming lake where the whole family will find wonderful coolness in the summer. Kibbelkoele is one of the hotspots of De Hondsrug. On you will find many more great tips about the area.

  • The Climbing Dune in Schoorl

Run as fast as you can! At the bottom in the center of Schoorl is a dune with a height of 51 meters. A true attraction in the middle of a beautiful environment. First you take a lovely walk through the forests and dunes of the Schoorlse Duinen and then run down the dune very fast. Fun for the whole family.

Feel the nature

Stroll through the dunes, spot birds and butterflies, cycle past mills or sail with a sloop. See what we found for you. This is also possible now if you follow the guidelines of the RIVM.

  • The Love Path in Ruurlo

A beautiful route of 5 km where you are surrounded by nature and surprising artworks.

Love path
  • Boswachterspad Kootwijk

On the ranger's path through the forests of Kootwijk you will discover the drifting sand, the old oak forests and junipers. A walk of almost 19 km along moors, birds and water.

Boswachterspad Kootwijk
  • Hunebedocht

Step back in time and get on your bike for this 50 km cycling tour of the Drenthe dolmens. The website the way has been mapped out for you and you will find stories along the way. The hunebed tour starts in Borger.

Cities and villages

The Dutch municipalities have a lot to offer. Walking routes through the city show you the surroundings from a different side.

  • Round above Amsterdam

The versatile site informs you about the many activities in North Holland and about the nicest villages and historic cities above Amsterdam. Join the world of the United East India Company in Hoorn, Medemblik and Enkhuizen. Stroll along the harbors and the beautiful buildings from that glorious time.


Here you will find the best routes for the road. There are also various sites with beautiful walking and cycling routes.

  • Take the challenge and never get bored on the road with the Autorqueurtocht.
Car treasure hunt

The best places for bird watching have been collected on this site.

Birdwatching hut
  • Images along the coast of Hoorn

A beautiful (walking) route along the water with no less than 40 statues.

Foundation In Den Beginne
  • Pieterpad

Walking the Pieterpad is on the bucket list of many people. With a camper this challenge becomes very comfortable. Walk a part and then continue driving.


On your phone

  • wecamptopheelfree

An inspiring Instagram account of bus camper owners traveling through full-time Europe.

  • Geocaching

How nice is it to do this on your motorhome trip? Download the app and hunt for the treasure. We are sure that you will visit places in the Netherlands where you have never been before!

  • Digital nature guide and routes

With the IVN Routes app you always have almost 250 walks and cycling routes and a digital nature guide in your pocket. Find a walk near you, or search for routes especially suitable for children or the elderly.

  • we_vanlife

An Instagram account with adventures of two enthusiastic motor home owners.

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