Follow the Dutch team at the European Championships in Germany in our luxury campers

Renting out your own camper or a camper as an investment

Rent your own camper

    • Do you have a camper yourself?
      Then it will probably be in the garage most of the year.
    • Do you want to earn back your fixed costs and achieve a good return?
      Then we rent your camper for you, as if it is ours.
    • We take care of the entire process for you.
      Consider the publicity, design, issue and collection and maintenance.

Your camper is in good hands with us!

For rental mediation you can contact Is your camper in storage for a large part of the year? Then this camper can be used more efficiently by using our rental brokerage. This allows you to earn back the fixed costs and even achieve a good return of between 6,5 and 11%.

Your camper is in good hands with us, we take care of the entire process and make clear agreements with you regarding use and rental.

Do you have a young Sunlight or Dethleffs motorhome (max 4 years old) and does this appeal to you? Then take it contact us for an exploratory talk.

Invest in a motor home

    • Do you want to invest money in a camper?
      Get good returns between 6 and 11%. Then take contact with us to discuss the possibilities.