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With the camper on an adventure through the Netherlands

Destination Gelderland

Gelderland is in this blog of Gelderland on an adventure through the Netherlands with the camper central. You will not only find attractive Hanseatic cities and culinary hotspots in this province, but if you are lucky, you will even encounter the Dutch Big Five in the Veluwe.

On this camper trip, we first take you to the versatile Barneveld. Then to the beautiful Kootwijkerszand and the impressive Radio Kootwijk. In the northern part of Gelderland we go to idyllic Hattem, the Hidden Village and Landgoed Tongeren.

Around all these beautiful places you have a wide choice of large and small campsites and beautifully situated camper pitches. Are you traveling as a couple or the whole family? View on our site which camper suits you for a camper holiday in the Netherlands.

Barneveld has everything

Barneveld poultry museum

When you think of Barneveld, you think of chickens and eggs. And that is immediately visible when you drive into Barneveld. At various places in the village you are, as it were, welcomed by large works of art of colorful chickens.

Cuddling chickens

The real chickens run in De Hoendertuin van The Poultry Museum. All ages are catered for in this comprehensive museum. The exhibition includes beautiful works of art, showing the development of poultry farming. Old incubators take you back in time. You can also watch the egg sorting demonstration or participate in a real egg auction. You can also take a tour, which also discusses today's animal-friendly companies.

For the children there is a treasure hunt with Kuukel as a guide and a nice playground with chicken equipment. You can even hold a chick in the museum.

Naturally, De Koffiekamer has a cup of chicken soup or an egg sandwich on the menu. And at the end of your visit you will finally find out; which came first: the chicken or the egg?

Back in time at Museum Nairac

At the foot of the Grote Kerk in Barneveld lies the small-scale archaeological site Nairac Museum. The interactive themed rooms allow you to experience stories from the history of Barneveld and the Veluwe. The museum tells you the event of the heroic tower jump of the famous Jan van Schaffelaar. Old finds from the large collection of former Mayor Nairac are also on display here. Regional dress, religion, textiles and the arrival of the Moluccans are also included in the permanent exhibition. In addition, you can visit three different temporary exhibitions on other art and design every year.

The Old Veluwe Market is a festive annual event in Barneveld. In the summer there are 200 decorated wooden stalls in the center of Barneveld on six Thursdays, interspersed with presentations of old crafts. On these market days you go back in time for a moment, when the parade in Old Veluwe Costume with farmers' chapel comes through the streets. Just like with folk dancing or grain threshing on Torenplein. In between you relax on the terrace restaurant De Hebberd or at one of the many cozy restaurants.

Giants in the sky

During the 4-day International Balloon Show you really see castles in the air above Barneveld. Dozens of giant hot air balloons take off from the Koewei on Landgoed De Schaffelaar. This festival is unique because you experience the balloon festival from very close by. The festival site is open to visitors for a fee. After the party you will be treated to a spectacular light show.

Barneveld- Balloon fiesta. Hot air balloons take off from the Kuwei.
Campsites and motorhome pitches in Barneveld

You can camp anywhere in the Barneveld area. From extensive parks with many facilities, as The Boshoek, to a small-scale place near the farmer, such as Museum farm De Grote Glind. Six generations of farmers have exhibited their collected equipment and machines at this camper place.

Camper pitches Camping De Boshoek in Voorthuizen

Giant sandvlacquered in Kootwijk

With the camper on an adventure in the Netherlands, you should not miss this high light. In the heart of the Veluwe, the trees of the Netherlands' largest forest area make way for a large open area. These are the heaths and the large sand drift of the Kootwijkerszand. Here you can spot the Dutch Big 5.

Big 5 Veluwe
The Dutch Big 5
The Big 5

Red deer, wild boar, deer, fox and Scottish Highlander live in this part of the Netherlands. When you take a walk or bike ride from your campsite in the early hours, chances are you will encounter these beautiful animals. Special game arenas have been created at various places in the Veluwe where the Big Five come to graze or drink.

Radio Kootwijk
South African atmospheres at Radio Kootwijk

In the middle of the Kootwijkerszand is the former Radio Kootwijk transmitter park. It is an imposing building that looks a lot like a cross between a temple and a sphinx. The contrast couldn't be greater; the monumental broadcasting station and the rugged surroundings of the Veluwe. If you look away from the building you will see vast plains and jagged vegetation. For a moment you imagine yourself in a national park in South Africa. In the school holidays Radio Kootwijk prepared for the public and you can join one of the adventurous excursions or guided walks.

Through the Kootwijkerszand with an E-balance bike

If you want to cross the Kootwijkerszand in an original way, rent an E-balance bike the Veluwe specialist in Otterlo. The E-balance bike is a large electric powered balance bike. The Veluwespecialist has put together various routes, which will take you past Radio Kootwijk.

Camper camping

If you want to spend the night in Otterlo with the camper, then Camper campsite Heritage de Lindenhof a convenient location. It is located near the center and at the entrance of the Hoge Veluwe.

Historic Hanseatic town of Hattem


The small fortified town of Hattem in the northeast of Gelderland is popular for its historic and charming city center. The Voerman Museum, The Anton Pieck Museum and the Dutch Bakery Museum make the small center of Hattem an attractive place. The museums are fun for young and old. Moreover, a walk through the city is certainly worthwhile.

Bakery Museum Hattem
Working at the bakery

In the Bakery Museum you can relive the rich history of bread and pastries. This experience museum consists of four beautiful monuments, which are connected by a tunnel under the street. On Saturdays and during school holidays, children can get started during a baking workshop. In addition, a fun treasure hunt has been set out through the many rooms of the museum.

Camping along the IJssel

If you go on an adventure through the Netherlands with the camper, you will be beautifully at the water IJsseldelta Marina. Hattem is within walking or cycling distance from there. You cannot skip the cycling routes along the IJssel and through the heath and forests during your stay. Inn Molecaten is a lovely place to take a break and admire the adjacent watermill.

The Hidden Village

The Hidden Village of Vierhouten
Shelter in the woods

Deep in the forest between Vierhouten and Nunspeet, near Tongeren the Hidden Village. During World War II, a combination of 9 underground shelters formed a hiding camp, also known as “Pas-Opkamp” or the Secret Village. The refuge was founded by residents from Vierhouten. In the period April 1943 to October 1944, about 80 people found a safe shelter here. A memorial has been placed in memory of the camp and 3 huts have been rebuilt. On the Tongerenseweg is the monument with two stones in memory of the initiators and the people who did not survive the discovery of the camp. It is an impressive stop during a bike ride or a walk in this beautiful part of the Veluwe.

Glamping in the wild

Have you also decided to go on an adventure through the Netherlands with the camper? And do you want to stay a little longer in this area or just a weekend away? Then book a spot for a camper at 5-stars camping De Wildhoeve in Emst. The luxury campsite is centrally located between all sights, attractions, villages, cities and of course in between nature. Wildlife even runs through the backyard.

Walking along the Vlonderpad at Landgoed Tongeren

The Vlonderpad Tongeren Epe
Tongeren estate

Tongeren estate is located on the Veluwe in the town of Epe. The estate offers a striking variety of flora and fauna. The variety of nature provides a surprising walk, because it runs from mountain to valley and from dry sand to grassland. It is also teeming with game, such as wild boars, badgers, roe deer and red deer. Forests and heathlands border the Wisselse Veen. Water bubbles up at this natural boundary. There are three marked hiking trails that run through the estate. They automatically lead you through the forest to a special place; the Vlonderpad. As you walk on the wooden planks above the marshy ground, you can hear the frogs. And in the summer you can see the dragonflies skimming over the surface of the water.

Camper dining

Veluws Eethuis Wissel is around the corner from the Vlonderpad. Would you like to end your day with a culinary experience in your own camper? This welcoming restaurant serves lunch and dinner in your own camper on the premises of the restaurant!

Camping dining Veluws Eethuis Wissel

Fancy a camper holiday?

Have you also become enthusiastic? With the camper on an adventure in the Netherlands is a party with a camper van We are happy to help you book a camper for your camper trip. Please feel free Contact us. - Comfort French bed

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