The bus camper: compact and manoeuvrable

Bus Camper

The bus camper (or compact camper) is a closed van converted into a camper. Inside, the bus camper is very efficiently equipped with the result that everything fits in it: a sitting area, a (conversion) bed, a kitchen and often a shower and toilet. Ideal because a bus camper also drives like a high passenger car, fits in a standard parking space, is easy to maneuver and can even be used as a normal car outside of the holidays.

Lift roof offers a solution

In this category, space is mainly lacking. The bed sizes are therefore usually limited, the furniture is sometimes tightly arranged and only the cabin seats are spacious in terms of seating comfort. The storage space is also limited and with a family of four it is quickly full. An elevated camper superstructure or a lifting roof can then offer a solution in the form of two extra sleeping places and extra headroom. Do you need even more sleeping places? Consider an extra tent, but first check whether the entire group can be transported in the van. There must be a seat with a seat belt for everyone. In addition to the lack of space, another drawback is the heat loss through the large sliding side doors.

Back to basics is hot

Despite its drawbacks, this compact motorhome is more popular than ever. Its small size (width two meters) makes it easier to drive and maneuver and it is more economical in fuel consumption. In addition, the bus camper is the closest to camping of all campers. Imagine that in the morning you can see and hear nature awakening through the canvas of the lifting roof. Nice is not it?

Pros and cons

Number of persons: suitable for 2 to 4 people.
Dimensions: 4,5 to 6 meters long, 1,8 to 2,5 meters high.
Pros: flexible to use, compact dimensions, fuel consumption.
Cons: limited space, sliding door, comfort, relatively high purchase price, not always sanitary.

No bus campers (yet) at

To date, we have not yet found a bus camper at that meets our wishes, especially when it comes to a flexible layout and decent bed sizes for tall Dutch people. As a result, we do not yet have bus campers in our rental fleet. But developments in the vans are going fast and we also see the demand for them increasing. That is a hopeful fact for all bus camper fans. For example, the photos below are of the Sunlight Cliff, seen at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf in August 2018. In addition to layouts with a double transverse bed (Cliff 540 and Cliff 600), the Cliff is now also for the first time with a layout with a double-length bed (Cliff 640) and a four-person bus camper (Cliff 601).

Two models that match the bus camper

At we do have two models that match the Sunlight bus camper. These are semi-integrated and we call them Compact French bed en Compact transverse bed. You can already rent these two or three person campers for € 600 per week in the low season. Fully equipped and just under six meters long.