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How does renting a motorhome work?

Rent a motorhome

You will experience freedom and a carefree holiday in a camper. With our rental campers, your limitless journey will become a holiday you will always remember! That is why it is useful to know how renting a camper at works.

Different types of motorhomes

We have campers for 2 to 6 people with different layouts. See what each motorhome type has to offer you! Our campers are easy to drive. All you need is your regular driving license (driving license B). Except for the Family Plus double bed type, where you need at least a C1 driving license. In addition, all our campers have cruise control and we have a number of campers with automatic transmissions.

You are very welcome in our showroom to view the campers. Not only does it increase the anticipation, it is also very useful if you travel well-informed.

Campers from

Number of persons: 2 Price from € 750 per week
Number of persons: 2 Price from € 795 per week
Number of persons: 2,5 Price from € 725 per week
Number of persons: 2 Price from € 725 per week
Number of persons: 2 Price from € 795 per week
Number of persons: 2 Price from € 845 per week
Number of persons: 4 Price from € 695 per week
Number of persons: 4 Price from € 695 per week
Number of persons: 4 Price from € 725 per week
Number of persons: 4 Price from € 995 per week
Number of persons: 4 Price from € 945 per week
Number of persons: 6 Price from € 745 per week
Number of persons: 6 Price from € 795 per week
Number of persons: 6 Price from € 1150 per week

Advice and guidance

Are you traveling with a camper for the first time or are you an experienced camper? We provide the right guidance before and during your trip. If you have any questions or problems, we are at your disposal 24/7 and you are assured of roadside assistance and alternative transport. We do everything we can to make your camper holiday as pleasant as possible.

Contact us for personal advice

Very complete as standard

At you can rent a comfortable semi-integrated, integral, alcove camper or bus camper. Our campers are fully equipped. They are a maximum of 4 years old, well maintained, cared for and optimally furnished. Each camper has an awning, a bicycle rack and a complete kitchen inventory (including plates, cups, cutlery, bowls, pans and kitchen utensils). You will also receive sufficient gas, tailored to your trip. We also give you tablets for the chemical toilet and a lot of practical items for the camper, such as ramps, a power cable, an adapter cable, a fresh water hose, a washing-up bowl and a dustpan. All these things are included in the rental price. Moreover, all kilometers are free.

Camper inventory

What does it cost to rent a motorhome?

You pay the rental price for the camper and also a one-off amount for the issue and collection of the camper; €145,00. The deposit is €1.000,00. That is it. This way you know exactly where you stand. So clear, right? We think it is important that you go well prepared. That is why we have made an instructional film that you can watch at your leisure at home. When you pick up your rental camper, we will go through the most important points together. We also check the camper completely when it is taken back, so that the tenant after you is also assured of a nice camper. So you pay the issuing and collection costs for that.

If you have forgotten anything about the explanation, you can easily find it yourself on our website This contains the instruction video and the individual videos per part.

Instruction film

Practical extras for even more convenience 

We can imagine that you would like even more convenience during your camper trip, after all, you are on holiday. Our comfort packages offer everything you need on departure or on the road, such as made beds, a well-stocked refrigerator, a handy kitchen package or a tasty snack package for on the road. And do you not have certain things at home? Then you can also book this with us. Think of a camping set, navigation or bicycles.

View our practical extras here

A dog available on request in the Compact transverse bed and Comfort single bed types. You pay a surcharge of € 145,00 for extra cleaning costs for the dog.

You can use your leave the car with us. The costs for this are € 3,00 per day. Please let us know in advance and we will provide you with a suitable place. You park at your own risk.

How does the booking process work?

You can check availability and offer to request. If you like the quote and you want to convert it into a booking, we will first check the current availability again. The camper is not reserved for you during the quotation phase. Call or email us to inquire about this. If the camper is available, you will receive a confirmation by email with a payment link, with which you make the (down) payment. By making the (down) payment you agree to our terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Payment information

A reservation made more than 24 weeks before departure

When booking you make a deposit of 25% of the rent. 24 weeks before the start of your trip you pay 25% again. 6 weeks before departure you pay the remaining 50% of the rent.

A booking between 24 and 6 weeks before your departure date

You pay 50% of the rent when booking and the remaining 50% 6 weeks before departure.

A reservation within 6 weeks before the start of your trip

If you book within 6 weeks before departure, you pay the full rent in one go.

Terms and Conditions

Well prepared

On our website you will find all the information you need before departure, such as what is included in the rental, tips about driving a camper, explanation about purchasing the deductible, explanation about environmental passes and toll badges, but also about fun routes and useful apps.

Well prepared

Important information for departure and arrival

You will receive an email from us 10 days before departure with important information about your camper trip. This includes your unique collection and return time. We kindly ask you to adhere strictly to these times in connection with our planning, especially during the high season. This gives us plenty of time to discuss the latest matters and answer your questions. Please note that the delivery of the camper takes approximately one hour and the collection, if no damage has occurred during your trip, takes a maximum of 30 minutes.

In principle, you will receive a final invoice for your rented camper within 10 working days after the rental period. If you have suffered any unexpected damage, please let us know immediately. We may need extra time during the following week to assess the damage. This will then be deducted from the deposit.

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