Practical extras

Make it easy on yourself

At we take care of things to make your camper trip as comfortable as possible. Consider, for example, a garden table with chairs, a linen package, a Skottel braai, Omnio oven or a navigation system. We ensure that these items are ready for you in your camper before departure. This way you can immediately start your holiday. Do you want to keep your relaxed holiday feeling extra long? We can also take care of the final cleaning of your camper. Below you will find all the practical extras that has to offer.

We also have a handy one free app: This contains a lot of practical information and explanation about the use of the camper.

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What do you need?

Extras to be booked Description EUR
Kitchen inventory Plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, pans, kitchen utensils, etc. (suitable for the number of people camper) free rent
Inventory storage room Among others power cable, ramps, washing-up level, dustpan and can, fresh water hose, pegs, etc. free rent
Leave the car Park at your own risk € 3, - day
Final cleaning inside The camper is cleaned on the inside by € 85, - rent
Final cleaning outside The camper is cleaned on the outside by € 60, - rent
Navigation system Including campsites and camper pitches € 4, - day
Camping set One table + tablecloth and chairs for the number of people traveling € 4, - day
stew braai Gas BBQ in handy bag € 3, - day
Omnia oven Camping oven for your gas stove € 2, - day
Dog supplement The dog can travel in type Comfort single beds € 95, - rent
Baby tent Deryan pop-up tent for bed, baby or toddler model € 3, - day
Child car seat 0-4 yrs. For around 9-18 kg € 3,50 day
Child car seat 3-12 yrs. For around 15-36 kg € 3,50 day
Booster seat Suitable for children heavier than 20 kg € 1,75 day
Bike Adult or children's bicycle € 10, - day
Electric bike Adult bike € 25, - day
Transfer Schiphol Airport -> € 65, - from
Transfer -> Schiphol Airport € 85, - from
Generator For long periods without electricity € 10, - day
TV Possible in some campers € 7,50 day

Treat yourself with a comfort package

From practical to luxurious, our comfort packages offer everything you need on your departure and on the road. Food and drinks, but also wonderfully soft bedding can be completely taken care of by us. We are happy to pamper you!

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Have you already booked your camper? Of course you can book your favorite extras. Send us an email with your wishes and we will arrange it immediately.

Comfort packages

Food and drink

Start your day with the taste of relaxing: 1 carton of milk or buttermilk, 2 liters of orange juice, 1 carton of yogurt, crunchy muesli, fresh fruit, 2 breads, butter, jam, peanut butter, sprinkles, cheese, ham, cucumber, tomatoes, eggs, pepper and salt.

For the tasty appetite on the road: Autodrop, lollipops, peppermint, egg cakes, stroopwafels, chocolate bar, chips, 10 frankfurters, 10 white balls, ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard, 2 bottles of soft drinks, 2 bottles of (sparkling) water, 2 cartons of juice.

Enjoy the sunset together with this drink package: An outside candle, 1 bottle of wine, 6 cans of beer, delicious sausage, cubes of cheese, olives and crispy Italian toast.

You set off with a well-stocked fridge. You will find luxury food, drinks and snacks, for a delicious breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner. Let us surprise you!


Your bed is made before departure with lovely soft duvets and comfortable pillows. The set consists of 1 fitted sheet, 1 duvet with duvet cover and 1 pillow with pillowcase.

Convenience serves people! We prepare 1 washcloth, 1 towel and 1 bath towel of luxury quality.

In the kitchen

All practical things at hand: dish brush, dish soap, dish cloth, tea towel, towel and a roll of garbage bags.

Everything you need during your vacation in the kitchen: dish brush, dish soap, 2 dishcloths, 2 tea towels, 2 towels, roll of garbage bags, damp cleaning wipes, soft scourer, matches, sandwich bags, aluminum foil, cling film, kitchen roll, all-purpose cleaner, hand soap, clothespins with washing line and toilet paper.

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