Camper tips for renting a motorhome

Camper tips for renting a motorhome

Are you adventurous and do you want a different kind of vacation? Then rent a camper and hit the road! On holiday with a camper has many advantages. For example, a camper offers you a lot of freedom: you can go wherever you want. In addition, with a camper you can visit several places in a tour, but you still have all the luxury and comfort at hand. Renting a motorhome is the perfect way to experience whether this way of traveling suits you. What do you have to think about when you rent a motorhome? We give you the most important camper tips.


Why rent a camper?

Do you usually go on holiday by plane? Or have you often traveled to the South of France with a caravan or folding trailer and are you ready for something else? Then choose to rent a camper! Renting a motorhome gives you many options. This way you can go wherever you want and you are extremely flexible. You can determine what you want per day; a drive to that beautiful city away or today to that museum or to the beach nearby. All this while you do not have to leave your stay. Handy, because this way you don't forget to take anything to the next place and therefore also less stress. So you always have all the luxury and comfort at hand. That is very easy, for example, if you don't feel like going to a restaurant, then you cook something in the camper that is fully equipped, including a fridge and stove. A real house on wheels.


What to look for when renting a motorhome?

Is it the first time you rent in a motor home? Let the landlord know and ask for something additional tips. The landlord will take the time to explain everything step by step and answer all your questions. Listen carefully to the directions and special camper tips. Write down the details so that you can always read it again. If you have forgotten something or would like to read it again? You get one from handbook so that you always have all the information with you on the road.

In addition to the practical issues, driving a motorhome takes some getting used to in the beginning. It is a lot higher, wider and longer than you are used to in a car. But experience shows that driving a camper quickly gets used. Don't let it be a reason not to rent a camper. In addition, we are available 24/7 for other questions and problems, such as a blowout. We ensure that you can go on a carefree holiday!

Where to stay

Now that you are on the road with the camper, you have to think where you want to spend the night. There are various options: camping, motorhome or wild camping.

Wild camping is not allowed everywhere, in certain countries such as in Scandinavia it is allowed under certain conditions. The advantages of wild camping are that you can really stand in the most beautiful places in nature and not be disturbed by neighbors. A disadvantage is that you have no connection for your electricity and water, so it is important to prepare well before you go wild camping. Save some extra water to cook for example.


Are you a little less adventurous and do you like having a little more facilities then you can stand on a campsite or motorhome. A campsite is often somewhat larger on a closed site and there are more facilities, such as a swimming pool, restaurant and boules court. Unlike the camper place, these are often a bit simpler, but with electricity and water points. This also makes a camper place cheaper. So you can decide for yourself what kind of place you want to stay. If you don't like the place, you can always drive on to find a new place to stay.

How do you find all these different locations? To find places to stay it is useful, for example, the app CamperContact of the Dutch Camper Club  (NKC) on your phone, so that finding camp sites, camper pitches and service points is easy. Anyway it is smart to view the website of the NKC for more camper tips. If you like the holiday with the camper and you want to go more often, it is smart to become a member of the NKC.

What are you going to do?

The possibilities with a camper are endless. Then consider one holiday in your own country or a city ​​trip.  For example to North Netherlands, go for a walk in Drenthe or visit the beautiful Hanseatic city of Groningen. The dolmens are located in the forests in Drenthe, certainly special to visit. If you still feel like driving further after that, then cross the border to Northern Germany. In addition to beautiful nature reserves, you can visit the former trading partners of Groningen there. These Hanseatic cities such as Bremen and Hamburg are well worth a visit.

If you want to go a bit further away, then you can have a nice one beach to the south of Europe. A round trip in the spring through Portugal and Spain to enjoy the sun. Or a adventure holiday to the Alps where you can ski, hike or cycle is also a good option, each season offers different possibilities.

For more travel inspiration and camper tips, read our motorhome travel stories. The nice thing about a camper is that you can also combine all these destinations. Take a trip around Europe where you combine the beach, the mountains and a city trip. Do you want to embark on this adventure? A rent a camper is the perfect way to find out if this way of traveling is for you.