Camper places in the Netherlands

Freedom! That is what you experience when you go on holiday with a camper van Go wherever you want! By traveling timelessly and roaming the roads you can alternate between nature, city and village. That makes a camper holiday so special! To enjoy camper life, you can use camper pitches. In this blog you will learn everything about camper pitches in the Netherlands.

The flexibility of a motorhome

An incorrect assumption that we would like to refute is that you are not flexible with a camper because of the lack of a car. Nothing could be further from the truth! In contrast to a caravan or tent, you can use camper pitches with a camper. This allows you to get to the most beautiful places easily and without much effort.

What is a motorhome pitch?

The location of a motorhome is a simple, often fenced off, parking lot where motorhomes can park for a short period. The camper pitches are usually located at special sights, on the water or on the edge of a city. A camper place has the size of a spacious parking space. You enter through a barrier and park your camper in an empty spot. You can put the table and chairs outside, but actually the purpose of this short stay is that you do not unpack and easily drive away after one or two days.

Characteristics of a camper place

Below we briefly describe the characteristics of motorhome pitches in the Netherlands and some examples.

A motorhome pitch:

  • is in a practical location:
  • is located in or near a tourist destination (Keukenhof)
  • right on the beach (Zandvoort)
  • near a river (Maastricht)
  • in or near a city or village with various facilities (Amsterdam)
  • near walking or cycling routes (De Biesbosch)

Motorhome facilities

A motorhome pitch:

  • has paved areas for 5 or more campers
  • is often closed by means of a barrier or fence
  • is close to public transport, ferry or ferry
  • usually provides facilities for filling the water tank or discharging water
  • often has a provision for the discharge of the chemical toilet

Payment for a motorhome pitch can be done through an existing manager. Otherwise, it is indicated at the camper place or on the website how the payment should be made. Rates for a motorhome pitch vary between 7,50 and 20 euros per night, but can also be free. An amount may be charged for the use of electricity.

Camper pitches cannot always be reserved. It is therefore wise to be on time.

To find a camper place

Camper pitches come in all shapes and sizes and the operators are diverse. An easy way to find the nearest RV park is via Camper contact. You can download the app for a fee. Users rate locations, can submit changes and photos and register new locations. Administrators review all new information and post it on the website.

Another way to find a camper place is through social media. There are various groups on Facebook and Instagram that share the most beautiful camper pitches.

Camper places in the Netherlands

We have also selected a few camper pitches for you.


Nuis Bed and Breakfast Het Knooppunt

Haren Parking Paterswoldsemeer-De Lijte

Sint Annen The Six Grazen Experience Farm


Groessen Camper place De Wellinghoeve

Lichtervoorde Swimming pool 't Meekenesch

Ruurlo Camper place Bruiler Hof 

Winterswijk Camper Spot Winterswijk Center

Westervoort Parking Football Association


Leiden Camper place De Limes

Middenmeer Camper Location Near Siem

Katwoude Cheese Farm Simonehoeve


Assen Camping De Ommekeer

Erica Camperpark De Berkenweide

't Haantje Camper place' t Haantje

Also ask the tourist office of a municipality if there are free places where campers are tolerated. You can park for free at this location, for example in a quiet neighborhood. We do recommend that you do not just park anywhere and check in advance whether the area is safe.

If you have a nice tip about camper pitches in the Netherlands, please let us know.

February 2021