Camper trip Europe

With a camper trip Europe discover our own continent like no other. Find out that you don't have to go all the way to another continent for an adventurous trip. Europe has many different types of climates and landscapes that are still a secret for many people. Because you don't have to travel far to see beautiful landscapes, a motorhome trip is the best way to discover what Europe has to offer. You are also not affiliated with one country. Travel around and don't be limited by national borders. To offer you some inspiration for the camper trip, we have listed some (literal) highlights. Get inspired!

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Motorhome route through Scandinavia

What is indispensable for the real camper during a motorhome trip in Europe? wild camping. And inside Scandinavia these real camping enthusiasts can indulge themselves. Wild camping is legal here, so you can just travel through the country with a camper. You do not have to arrange overnight stays in advance. Of course there are some rules per country that you have to adhere to, but these certainly do not stand in the way of your wild camping adventure. Get a unique view of Europe and combine this with a cheap trip. Win win!

On an adventure in Norway

This is one of the Scandinavian countries that should absolutely not be missed during a motorhome trip in Europe! Here you will find impressive fjords, mountains and valleys. Beautiful to see up close. And with a camper trip Norway you can easily travel to these places. That is why you get the most out of your trip this way. Imagine yourself away from civilization for a while. Go wild camping or hiking in one of the rugged areas of Jotunheimen high mountains and Lofoten. These are areas for the truly adventurous camper. Prefer to go into town? Then Oslo is highly recommended! There are also plenty of camping options. More information can be found at Visit Norway.

Baltic States in Europe

As soon as the Scandinavian countries are just a few steps too far to offer the Baltic States outcome during a motorhome trip Europe. Wild camping is also allowed in wooded Estonia. Of course you have to be self-sufficient and leave nature alone. Discover that it can also be beautiful closer to home and that it is possible to isolate yourself from civilization. Let go of all worries and relax in nature. With a motorhome you are still provided with all the necessary (and luxurious) comforts. You can get more inspiration about a trip to the Baltic States at Stop and Stare.

Camper route to warm weather

In addition to the real wild camper, there are real sunbathers to be recognized. And you make them just that little bit happier with a tropical temperature on the beach instead of a secluded wooded area. Fortunately, this can also be found in Europe. Southern Europe in particular gives you this opportunity. Not only is the weather more certain there, the landscape is also variable. For example, in Southern Europe you can follow a motorhome trip Europe along the most beautiful rivers, mountains, plains and cities. Various historic buildings, castles and ruins are also not an unknown phenomenon here.

Discover Portugal

With a motorhome trip Europe is Portugal highly recommended. This southern European country is ideal for traveling through with a camper. It has many special motorhome pitches where you can spend the night completely free of charge. These places can also be found at Praia Amado (part of the Algarve). The recognizable rugged and rocky environment returns to this well-known beach. And the beach is not just a part of this. This is the hotspot in the field of surfing. Partly because of this, this place is also the stage of various international surfing competitions. Surfers from all over Europe flock here to find the perfect wave. No wonder that many surfers can be found on the camping pitches.

Motorhome route with the family

As soon as you start traveling through Europe with a family, Italy a nice option. It offers space to numerous child-friendly campsites. Many of them are located on the beautiful lakes of Italy. The absolute hot spot? That's Lake Garda. Of course that is not without reason, the view over the lake can be called impressive. Everywhere you will find boats to and from various places on the lake. You can also cycle around it. Besides Lake Garda there are more beautiful places to discover. Visit Visit Italy for countless tips.

Travel through the Benelux

A motorhome trip to Europe closer to home is also definitely worth it. A journey through the Benelux is therefore always good. Seeing a lot in a short time is often central. You can also always move to neighboring countries France or Germany. The route starts in the Netherlands, after which it is recommended to drive into Belgium via Limburg. A beautiful hilly landscape with several marl caves. Then the Ardennen on the route with a beautiful forest area that provides a nice variation during the route. The many camping options in the Ardennes also ensure that there are plenty of options.

Choose the right motorhome

After this plethora of inspiration for a motorhome trip in Europe, it's time to arrange a crucial detail. And that is of course: the camper itself! Of course you want to travel through Europe with the necessary comfort. Our range of rental motorhomes answers this need all too well. Go for a model that suits you and your travel group. If you have any questions, you can always enlist the help of one of our specialists. Together with our passionate colleagues, we look together at what the best option is. This allows you to get the most out of your motorhome trip through Europe.

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