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The proof that you don't have to drive too far for a nice road trip camper routes the Netherlands like no other! For example, many people within our small country are amazed at how many beautiful places can still be discovered. And let renting a motorhome here just be the perfect way to do it. Our motorhome offer is a wide selection that varies from small to large motorhomes. There is also a difference between a simple version and a huge one luxury camper which is fully equipped. To (literally) help you on your way, we have presented our motorhome offer together with a number of ideas to shape your motorhome route in the Netherlands. Get inspired!

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Discover the Netherlands with camper routes

As mentioned, you don't have to go to the other side of Europe for a beautiful holiday with an unforgettable moment. The Netherlands has enough beautiful places to make a wonderful trip! Plan your own route with highlights that match your interests. Motorhome routes in the Netherlands are also the perfect way to get acquainted with renting a motorhome. At the same time, you will also discover many new places where you might return. After all, these are within a stone's throw. The Netherlands is also a safe option if you want to stay close to home. So go ahead endless enjoyment in the Netherlands.

1. Flower Bulb Route

To fall straight to the door is the flower bulb route one of the most popular motorhome routes in the Netherlands. And that is of course not without reason. You can drive a camper along the most beautiful tulip fields in the Netherlands. The best period to travel this route is between April and May. During this period the flowers are in full bloom. Looking at the route, it runs like an arc through the north of our country. From our branch you are at the start of the route (Bovenkarspel) within one hour. With a length of more than 100 kilometers you are completely free to complete it at your own pace. It is also very nice to take the route with a family. So for young and old!

What makes this route extra special? These are the various growers of bulbs and tubers who are overflowing with enthusiasm and passion about their profession. They are therefore not afraid to give you a tour. You can also choose to participate in a tulip excursion or to sleep between the tulips. You will also drive along the Dutch coastline in the second half of the route, a good opportunity to get a breath of fresh air. The end point of this route is in Castricum. And from here you are back at our branch within half an hour's drive.

2. Relive the Elfstedentocht

The journey of journeys. Then we are of course talking about The Elfstedentocht. This almost mythical skating competition is therefore the perfect choice between all motorhome routes in the Netherlands. This allows you to dive back in time and get to know Friesland in the ultimate way. With a distance of 250 kilometers, we recommend that you take your time here. The beginning of this camper route traditionally begins and ends in the capital of Friesland: Leeuwarden.

The choice of Leeuwarden as the start and end point is not entirely coincidental. In 2018, Leeuwarden was declared the cultural capital of all of Europe. And that's just in our own country. The royal family has its roots in Friesland, of which much has been preserved, especially in Leeuwarden. Every city through which De Elfstedentocht crosses is therefore each provided with a rich and cultural history. Here you can really feast your eyes on characteristic buildings. Yet every town in itself has a unique character. For example, Sneek is known for its water activities and Bolswaard for its own drink Sonnema. Towards the end of the ride you will return to Leeuwarden. Has the city convinced you for a second visit?

Tip: if you have a little more time, the neighboring provinces are also recommended, go for a motorhome route through Groningen and Drenthe!

3. Discovery journey through Limburg

The last but certainly not the least of all motorhome routes in the Netherlands: Limburg! Our southernmost province is known for beautiful extensive hilly landscapes in combination with the large marl cave network. Especially for campers has Visit South Limburg mapped out a camper route that avoids all narrow alleys and busy roads. With this you can enjoy the Limburg landscape for more than 100 kilometers.

With these motorhome routes in the Netherlands you can discover the beautiful landscapes with a whole family. All sights are included in the map so that you are (almost) sure that you do not miss any highlights. So go beyond just the marl caves. And visit an amusement park or undertake other activities that are ideally suited for the children. There is also a very interesting route for culture lovers. The many castles, churches and windmills give you the perfect opportunity to do so. Almost all of the buildings on this route are also open to visitors. Another advantage of the map is that it also includes food and beverage outlets. This way you know for sure that you will not miss the Limburg flan!

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