On holiday with the camper to Scandinavia

Taking a camper trip through the beautiful Scandinavian landscape is an adventurous way to enjoy a lot of freedom. You can decide for yourself how long you stay somewhere and when you stop somewhere to enjoy Scandinavia. In addition, you never have to pack and unpack your suitcase. For many travelers, this is the main reason to go on holiday with a camper to Scandinavia.

On holiday with the camper to Scandinavia

Scandinavia is the name for a beautiful area in Northern Europe. Officially, Scandinavia consists of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, but Iceland and Finland can also be considered here. For a holiday with the camper to Scandinavia, Iceland is not taken into account, as it is an island that you cannot easily reach with the camper, unless you use the Smyrill Line. That way you can make the crossing from Denmark to Iceland by ferry. This journey takes approximately 2 days. That is why Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland are described in more detail on this page, so that you are optimally prepared for a fantastic holiday with the camper in and through Scandinavia. With the camper you can travel well through these countries and there is a lot to see and experience. If you already know for sure that you want to rent a camper for a holiday in and through Scandinavia, take a quick look at our rental page.

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