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The best books about camper trips in the Netherlands

Inspiration for a camper holiday in your own country

Travel with your camper in your own country through this selection of books for young and old. Be surprised by the many special places and sights that the Netherlands has to offer! View these books with practical tips at home or on the road for inspiration for your camper holiday with a camper van These are the best books about camper trips in the Netherlands.

Outdoor happiness: Camping and staying in nature

Are you looking for a special camping location in your own country? With this camping guide you will be right there. 30 exceptional campsites in a practical booklet for those who want to spend the night in a basic or luxurious way camper in a rural area in the Netherlands. By means of beautiful photos, this book shows a selection of the most beautiful nature campsites, charming campsites, small campsites and idyllic campsites. All in our own country and slightly different than usual. ISBN 9789043921800

Camper places & cycling routes in the Netherlands

This travel guide combines every motorhome site in the Netherlands with a beautiful cycling route. In an overview with beautiful photos you get a good idea of ​​the atmosphere, the camping spot and the view from the camper place. Moreover, in addition to practical information, such as the facilities, opening hours and price, you will find a cycling route at each location. The route starts at your camper place. Three points of interest are reported on each route, where it is worth getting off. That is, for example, a small museum, a cozy terrace or a historic village. ISBN: 9789090323084

Rustic Camping, Netherlands & Belgia

Also with this guide you will have the best selection of rustic campsites for your RV vacation at hand. Beautifully situated natural areas have been found in the Netherlands or Belgium from the Wadden to the Ardennes. And no campsite is the same as another. You will find tiny primitive campsites, beautiful nature campsites and sometimes surprisingly comfortable locations. ISBN 9789082955019

100 Most beautiful camper pitches in the Netherlands

10 times 10 great RV sites are listed in this book. This is the book to get ideas for a weekend away or holidays with the camper in the Netherlands. It is divided into 10 categories. The 10 most beautiful camper pitches have been selected for each category. Per camper place you will find a description of the type of camper place, the facilities, the ambiance and the view. The environment is also described in detail. The guide will inform you where you can cycle, walk and which interesting activities to do in the area. In addition, it is stated why this motorhome place deserves a place in this book. ISBN 9789090309279

Camper travel diary

Keep your memory of your camper trip alive with this travel diary! With a camper van you have the ultimate freedom for an unforgettable holiday. Whether you are on the road for two weeks or two months, the Camper Travel Diary ensures that the memories never disappear. With checklists, weekly planners, conversion tables, time zone overview, handy insert and plenty of space to write down your experiences. Nice and handy for the dashboard! ISBN 9789038922256

Unexpectedly Dutch. More than 500 surprising places

This book takes you to the lesser known sights of the Netherlands. In this beautiful anniversary edition you will find special places that offer a nice alternative to the well-known places. From surprising city parks, activities for children, to historical sights such as the Celtic Fields and the Begijnhof in Breda. The nine different themes offer something interesting for every camper. ISBN: 9789000325382

For the little travelers; Witch Mimi on vacation

Witch Mimi and her witch friends go on holiday to the sea together. It's a long drive, but the witches sing and laugh all the way. The sun is shining by the sea. They make sandcastles, ride a boat, catch crabs, surf the waves ... In the evening they sing witch songs and tell jokes around the fire of the barbecue. How wonderful a holiday is! A funny story about the summer on the road in the camper and going on holiday together. For witch friends from 3 years old. ISBN 9789044819700

Small & Nice Camping, ACSI Camping Guide

Do you prefer camping on a small-scale and friendly campsite? And that in a nice place in a pleasant atmosphere? Almost 2.000 of the nicest small, nice campsites in Europe have been selected for you and collected in the ACSI Small & Nice Camping guide. Very useful when preparing for your holiday and on the road. Including CampingCard ACSI discount card for the low season.

The Green Book, Camping in the middle of nature

If you like real camping, this is an indispensable book. 150 Natural camping sites in the Netherlands, Belgium and France are listed. These small-scale sites are located on special estates, in ancient forests, but also in cozy orchards and idyllic spots on the water. Good sanitary facilities with toilet, running water and (except for one area) a hot shower are available on the pitches. The grounds also have extra facilities, such as a campfire spot and bad weather facilities. The Green Booklet with the Nature Camping Card, which you need when booking, buy via the site of Natuurkampeer sites. With the price of the booklet you also contribute to the maintenance of the network of nature camping sites.

500 camping dishes

A book from the series of the 500 recipe books are always nice to give or to receive. This also includes 500 camping dishes for your camper holiday. It contains recipes that you cannot just find on the internet. With minimal amenities and simple ingredients, this booklet will help you get the best out of your camper kitchen.

An extra tip for on the go: Get local products from a local entrepreneur. First of all, that is a great way to support the entrepreneur, such as a farmer. Second, it is a fun outing during your camper holiday. ISBN 9789048314706

We hope to have inspired you with this selection of the best books about camper travel in the Netherlands and wish you a wonderful camper holiday in your own country.

December 2023