Enjoy endlessly; destination Netherlands

Suddenly everything has changed. The Coronavirus affects our daily life. Our own company,, which has been successful for more than 10 years, faces an uncertain future. Fortunately, we have a positive attitude and we look for opportunities.

As long as the borders are closed, we focus on destination Netherlands. We think every destination with a camper is a party. Rain or shine. Pack up and hit the road, roam and see where we're going along the way.

So this time destination the Netherlands. We really have to see with our own eyes what is open, how camping is done, how the atmosphere is and what is possible. Finally, we are self-sufficient with the camper; kitchen, shower and toilet are available and just like the rest of the camper very practical and comfortable.

Saturday afternoon we are already at our destination in Voorthuizen after an hour. That is the first windfall; driving times in the Netherlands are of course short compared to a weekend trip in Europe. During the trip we opt for a small campsite. The large campsites in the area can no longer be booked online and cannot be reached by telephone. The owner of mini camping 't Westdorp is very pleased with our arrival. His campsite meets the requirements of the RIVM. It is possible to dump waste water, empty the toilet cassette and refuel clean water. Electricity is available on the spot. He is glad that we call. The bookings are finally starting to run again.

At our place we cook a simple meal together in the camper. The children ride on the go-karts of the campsite and jump off their energy on the trampoline. The next day after breakfast Ernst lets Pieter fly the drone for a while and the girls and I brush the camping pony.

Our next goal is Friesland with 'coffee 1,5 meters away' on the way in the garden of family and a window visit in Gelderland and Drenthe with our (in-law) parents. A beautiful route in the sun through the woods and heath, along extensive meadows and flowering bulb fields and finally along the Frisian waters. The Netherlands through and through! The sun is shining, so the holiday feeling is 100% present!

In Friesland we get a nice spot by the water of the marina, camping and boat rental De Drijfveer & Tusken de Marren in Akkrum. When arranging the places, sufficient distance is taken into account, says the owner. Here too, the facilities for clean and dirty water are open, emptying the toilet cassette is also possible. We eat from our own kitchen again and play a game of cards.

The next morning we take the tables and chairs out of the garage. We set the table for an extensive King's breakfast. Special to celebrate King's Day, but what a luxury to have breakfast outside on the campsite in April. It feels like we've been on vacation for a week! We are visited by a chicken, who is quietly scratching around the campsite. In addition to the playground, we also see a run with chickens and rabbits.

Grandpa and grandma gave us a boat. It is carefully inflated and then used as a chill spot. Ernst and I walk around the campsite and understand from the staff that things are slowly going back here as well. The catering industry is treated creatively. You can pick up delicious coffee and cake at the restaurant. Just like ice creams. But also surprising picnic baskets for a day on the water can be ordered. The boat rental is open as usual. You can rent a sloop or sailing boat under certain conditions.

We stick to our inflatable boat and the children leave the boat in the water with Ernst. They even brave the cold water and jump in.

At the end of the day we pack up and drive on. On the way we search online via for a motorhome pitch in a beautiful area, half an hour's drive from Aalsmeer. We arrive at camper place Fight and Meadow in Weesp. With the camper we are close to the Vecht and between the sheep and lambs. An idyllic setting that we want to return to for a tour by bike.

We make another delicious meal in the camper. After dinner we chat a bit at the picnic benches at the motorhome. We get up early the next day and are awakened by the sound of all sheep. The view, with the sun just rising, is beautiful. How beautiful the Netherlands is!

I hope our tenants are as enthusiastic as we are. And that it becomes clear that everyone can go on holiday with their camper at this moment (end of April 2020) with peace of mind, perhaps destination the Netherlands? Maybe soon, when the borders open up again, it will even be a difficult choice; a camper holiday in the Netherlands or abroad? We know! With a camper from you are always assured of a great trip!