Passed for driving license C1!

Big camper, big driver's license

Owner Ernst Rauwenhoff and his wife Daniëlle have recently become the proud owners of driving license C1! They passed their driving license C1!
Almost all motorhomes can be driven with a B driving license. The exception to this is the new 6-person motorhome Dethleffs Trend A 7877-2† a gigantic giant with a lot of luxury and comfort. To drive this motorhome you need a C1 driving license.

Motorhome driver's license

The C1 driver's license is also called the motorhome driver's license. With the C1 driving license you may drive a truck or motorhome, of which the permitted maximum mass (ie the weight of the empty vehicle plus the payload) is more than 3.500 kg and less than 7.500 kg.

Have you become curious and do you also want to know what you have to do to get the C1 driver's license? We explain that in this blog.

Theory and practice

The training for the C1 driving license consists of two parts: a theoretical and a practical part. To be able to start the training for the motorhome driving license C1, you must be in possession of a valid driving license B and be older than 18 years.

The theory part consists of the following subjects:

  • RV1 light (Traffic & Technology)
  • R2C (Goods Transport Administration)

Practice exams

You can follow a day course at a driving school for the theory, but we did it ourselves with the theory books and the e-learning. We have made almost all the practice exams that we were offered through the driving school.

The NKC also offers members the opportunity to practice for the theory exam free of charge. We are members of the NKC and have used these practice modules.

You can register for the theory exams at a location of your choice via the website of the CBR.

Declaration of suitability

In order to be able to request an exam, you must first submit a fully completed Personal Statement with Medical Report. This medical report is drawn up by an occupational health and safety doctor who is certified to perform these examinations. We have visited a health and safety doctor in our neighbourhood. At the larger driving schools, an occupational health and safety doctor visits regularly to perform inspections. If the medical department of the CBR has approved your application, you will receive a Declaration of Suitability that is valid for one year.

Practical lessons

We took our driving lessons at Traffic School Corner Bouma in the Gorn. During a one-hour test, the intake, the instructor made an estimate of the number of lessons we needed. We were taught three half-days for the practical exam in Alkmaar and the surrounding area. The exam was then taken in Alkmaar with the truck in which we had followed the practical lessons.

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