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Instruction film

Good preparation is half the job

When you rent a motorhome from us, we want you to enjoy a carefree holiday. For this it is important that you know how everything works in and around the camper and that you know what to pay attention to when driving in the camper. We explain this in great detail in our instruction film. From the use of the refrigerator and the heating, to the gas bottles and the toilet cassette. This way we know for sure that you will leave well prepared.

Everything explained at once

Pictures often say more than words. That is the reason that we have recorded everything on film. A detailed but clear film of more than 25 minutes. You watch this movie before you pick up the camper. After all, good preparation is half the battle. The moment you come to pick up the camper, there is always room to think extra about certain things. This way you can confidently go out and enjoy a carefree holiday. And that's what we do it for!

Instruction film cut into separate parts

Do you want to revisit one specific part, because you have lost how it works again? We have also thought of that. We have divided our instructional film into twenty separate films, so that you can quickly find the subject. We have listed them for you below.

  1. Keys and locks - Which keys do you receive with your rental camper and how do the locks work?
  2. Vehicle documentation - What do we need from you when you come to pick up your rental camper and what do you receive from us with important papers?
  3. Cabin - Our campers are just as easy to operate as a normal car. Which buttons can you find in the cabin and how do you set certain things?
  4. Entry step and screen door - Almost all our motorhomes (except the integrated ones) have an electric entrance step and all have a screen door. What should you pay attention to specifically?
  5. Control panel - What can you read on the control panel in your rental camper?
  6. Kitchen - How do the gas stove and refrigerator work in your rental camper? For example, the refrigerator works on up to three energy sources, and in this film we tell you which energy source you should set in which situation.
  7. Shower and toilet - View the details of the different bathrooms in our rental campers in this video.
  8. Heating and hot water - How do you heat your rental camper so that you are nice and warm even in bad weather? And how do you get hot water?
  9. Windows and skylights - There are different windows and skylights in each camper, including mosquito nets and darkening. Learn how to unlock and lock it again.
  10. Cupboards and drawers - A short and practical video about cupboards and drawers in our rental campers.
  11. Beds and bed conversion - What types of beds can you find in our campers? And how do you convert the seating area into a sleeping place?
  12. Electricity, water and diesel - How does your rental camper get electricity, water and diesel? That's a piece of cake.
  13. Toilet cassette and waste water tank - Emptying the toilet cassette and the waste water tank is also part of the job, especially during intensive use and / or hot weather. We will explain how to do this without getting your hands dirty.
  14. Inventory garage - In your rental camper you will find all kinds of practical accessories for on the road. Are you watching?
  15. stabilizers - Some rental campers have stabilizers: support legs with which you can stabilize the camper. How do you do that?
  16. Canopy - How does the awning work in our rental campers? And in what weather conditions should you not use it?
  17. Bicycle carrier - The bicycle carrier of your rental camper can be loaded up to a maximum of 50 kilos. It is not difficult to operate, but it must be done accurately to prevent damage to the camper.
  18. Gas bottles - Your rental camper is delivered including gas bottles. How do you change it and how does the bottle open and close?
  19. Safety tips and driving the camper - A camper reacts differently than a passenger car. View our tips about driving a motorhome in this video so that you can travel safely.
  20. Hand in the camper - Before you return your rental camper, you need to arrange a number of things. We tell it in this video.

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