Packing list for your camper holiday

Pack and go

What becomes weather? Duvets, toaster, garden chairs? What do I take on my trip with the camper? No stress with packing with this packing list for your camper holiday! It does not matter whether you are an experienced camper or if you are on the road with the camper for the first time. This list will help you your camper holiday-proof. With this ideal packing list for your camper holiday you will not be faced with surprises. And do you want some extra comfort during your trip? We can arrange that for you. Through you come to the practical extras for your holiday.

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I'm going on a trip and I'm taking ...

You can go in any direction with this packing list. So take a good look at what applies to your camper holiday.

Camper shops

О Map
О Keys


О Driving license
О Passport / ID card
О Travel insurance card
О Healthcare card
О Roadside assistance pass
О Bank card / credit card
О Camping pass
О Toll badges
О Vignette
О Environmental sticker
О Cash


О Phone
О iPad
О Computer
О E-reader
О Music box
О Ears
О Navigation system
О Chargers
О Power strip
О USB cable

For on the road

О Book / comic book
О Magazines
О Sunglasses / cap
О Hugs
О Toys
О Games
О Hand gel / cream
О Mouth masks
О Glasses
О Make up bag
О First aid kit / medicines / tick remover
О Water bottles / water bottles

In the kitchen

О Toaster
О Coffee machine
О Omnia camping oven
О Washing-up liquid, brush, sponge
О All-purpose cleaner
О Tea and towels
О Dishcloth
О Hand soap
О Kitchen roll
О Garbage bags
О Sandwich bags
О Ice (lump) mold

Food and drink

О Pepper and salt
О Oil / vinegar
О Cooking oil / butter
О Coffee / coffee filters / tea / sugar / milk
О Sweet toppings
О Cold cuts / cheese
О Butter
О Bread / Crackers / Muesli
О Milk / Yoghurt / Curd cheese
О Fruits
О Crisps / snacks
О Biscuits / sweets
О Raw vegetables / salad
О Dinner in the evening
О Wine / beer / soft drinks / lemonade / water


О Underwear / bras
О T-shirts
О Sweaters / Hoody
О Blouses
О Dresses
О Shorts
О Long trousers
О Socks
О Sportswear / shoes
О Pajamas
О Bikini / swimming trunks
О Jacket
О Scarf
О Raincoat
О Sneakers
О Hiking shoes
О sneakers
О Slippers
О Heels
О Boots
О Sportswear / shoes
О Water shoes

Shower / toilet

О Toilet paper
О Toilet spray
О Hand soap
О Toiletry bag
О Toothbrush / toothpaste
О Lens solution
О Sunscreen / aftersun
О Mosquito repellent / puncture path
О Shampoo / conditioner
О Deodorant
О Shower foam
О Shaving equipment
О Brush
О Hair dryer
О Nail set
О Nail polish / remover
О Hygiene articles
О Bath towels
О Beach towels


О Pillows
О Fitted sheets
О Duvets
О Extra blankets

For outside

О Chairs / table
О Tablecloth
О Outer cloth
О Lantern
О Badminton set
О Kite
О Shovel / bucket
О ball
О Boat / paddles
О Pump
О Tent
О Inflatable figures
О Air mattresses
О Swimming pool

And further

О Jerry can / watering can
О Cycling
О Pegs / clothesline
О Sewing kit
О Binoculars
О Flashlight
О Pocket knife
О Small tools
О Fan
О Mosquito net
О Insect trap
О Cool box / elements
О Bag / backpack