Camping in Scotland

Enjoy camping in rugged Scotland!

In Scotland you will find the perfect combination of nature and culture. The rugged landscapes, historic fortresses and mysterious lakes are beautiful all year round.

Take the boat to Newcastle or Hull and plan a route to Inverness. Avoid the highways, you will see many more beautiful places!

City walk in Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is a beautiful city. So beautiful that UNESCO has put the city center on the World Heritage List!
Edinburgh played a dramatic role in the history of Scotland, and in the old center with its cobblestones and narrow alleys this past feels very close. There are therefore various city walks available, each with its own approach.

From a historically responsible tour Edinburgh Castle to have a look at the local witchcraft in the horrible Middle Ages, there is a lot to see. The famous ones are also nice Ghost Tours, which are held just after dark.

Exotic food

Scotland is known for its exotic eating habits. Take haggis, a cross between a sausage and a minced meat dish with different mutton insides, onion, herbs and oatmeal. In the past, a sheep's stomach was used to keep the ingredients together during cooking, but nowadays it is usually just a sausage skin. The traditional side dishes are swede and mashed potatoes. That may not sound particularly appealing, but haggis is still worth a try. Deliciously hearty after a long day of fresh air on the Scottish highlands!

Of course, you can also find well-known British classics in Scotland, such as scones, fish & chips and the famous English breakfast. But beware of national pride: in Scotland it's called a British breakfast!

Sporting destination

The Scottish highlands are perfect for a sporty holiday. Cycling, walking, mountain climbing, boating, horse riding, it's all possible. And that with a fantastic view!

In addition you can in Scotland:

  • Play golf on the exclusive golf courses of Andrews Left, the birthplace of golf
  • Ski or snowboard at five high-quality ski centers
  • Fish on the mysterious lochs or in the rivers with wild salmon
  • Hunting geese, fowls and deer


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