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Castle route with the camper

Do you want the castle route with the camper to discover? Good idea! Nowhere can that be better than in France! But also in The Netherlands en Germany there are several castles to admire. During the routes you go from Château to Château and enjoy the most beautiful view along the way. You don't have to be bored for a second during your castle route with the camper!

Nothing is more beautiful than to travel this route with a camper. This way you not only see the cultural heritage, but also the surrounding landscape. We rent out motorhomes so that you can make this trip unforgettable. Whether you're with a large travel group going or alone with you partner, we always have a suitable solution for you! View a selection of our rental offer below. See more? View all our rental campers.

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Castles in the Loire Valley

France is a beautiful country to travel through. Not only the landscape is beautiful, but also the cultural villages and characteristic buildings that can be found there. A castle route with the camper can also be taken in France, namely the castle route through the Loire Valley. During this castle route with the camper it is best to find out which castles you want to visit before your trip. The number that you can visit depends of course on your travel time, but since there are about 50 castles it is difficult to visit everything. To help you map out your castle route with the camper, we have listed a number of recommendations below!

Chateau Royal de Blois

The royal castle of Blois is very impressive to see. The architectural work of art dates from the Middle Ages and was then intended as a fortress of the Counts of Blois. Over the centuries, the building has become a residence for 7 kings and 10 queens of France. The building is historical heritage. Today you can relive history and enjoy French art and culture.

Chambord Castle

The Château de Chambord is a sixteenth-century hunting castle, strangely enough it has never been used as a long-term residence. The castle is equipped with 365 towers, 1036 windows and no fewer than 440 rooms. All this is located on a domain of 5500 hectares and is surrounded by a wall of no less than 32 kilometers! The castle is therefore the largest in the Loire Valley. Probably the most popular too! You can't forget these during your castle route with the camper!

The orange route through Germany

Our own royal family has its roots in Germany. Throughout Germany, several castles and palaces can be found where the royals spent time. The castle route is therefore appropriately called 'the orange route'. The castle route with the camper is no less than 2500 kilometers long, so you can also choose to only cover part of the route. Below are some highlights from the route:

Schwerin . Palace

Schwerin Palace is located in the town of the same name. It is an impressive building that has changed a lot over the years. It is built in a Neo-Renaissance style. Due to a fire that once broke out and various changes to the building, it is no longer as it was originally. Renovations have been carried out for years so that it will look like this one day. The connection with the Dutch royal family is that Queen Wilhelmina's husband was born there.


Many Dutch features can be found in the town of Potsdam, the king of Prussia has ensured that. He had several Dutch workmen come over to have the 'typical Dutch houses' built. These can still be admired there. Characteristic are of course the bright red bricks. Tulips were also planted in that state and Sinterklaas celebrated.

Castle routes in our own country

Of course, the Netherlands also has plenty to offer when it comes to castles. You can make these castle routes with a camper, but you can also choose to park your camper and just get on your bike. There are different types of castle routes to take with the camper, but below we explain two of them:

Castle Route of Diepenheim, Twente

During the Diepenheim castle route you will pass various castles and manor houses. There are many cycling routes mapped out in this area. The optimal way to enjoy the Twente landscape! The larger castles, such as those of Diepenheim and Weldam, are open to the public. The country houses are in most cases private property of the residents of the houses. In some cases you are allowed to walk through the gardens or in the estate.

Castle Route Utrechtse Heuvelrug and Kromme Rijn

Once again, don't forget your bike on this Castle Route with the camper. The ultimate way to enjoy the environment. Another advantage of this is that you can easily cycle through the woods. In this route you will pass various hunting lodges, castles and ditches. You start and end in Driebergen. In between you can enjoy the beautiful buildings that Utrecht has to offer!

The perfect motorhome for your trip

The most important thing is that you do your castle route with the camper with the right camper. We are happy to help you! We have a wide range rental campers with which you can make this wonderful journey. Are you considering a motorhome? That too is possible. View our motorhomes for sale. If you have any questions or comments, you can to contact us. Our enthusiastic colleagues are happy to help you!

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