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Rent a motorhome Noordwijk

Go for one rent a camper Noordwijk at We have a wide range of young motorhomes of German quality. You can go on an adventurous motorhome trip from €650 per week. Start with a motorhome of the right category that suits your travel group. And then make a choice between the different models that we offer. Find out what kind of bed layout you want and discover all the possibilities. Start your ultimate motorhome journey!

Number of persons: 6 Price from € 1150 per week
Number of persons: 2 Price from € 795 per week
Number of persons: 6 Price from € 795 per week

Advantages of renting a motorhome in Noordwijk

We know from our own experience that renting a camper in Noordwijk has several advantages. Find out what kind of camper you like to go on holiday with. Our offer includes motorhomes for couples and families as well as friends. Depending on the travel group, the motorhome will differ in properties. Experience the luxury and comfort that one of our motorhomes can offer. Sleep, eat, move and live in your motorhome during your holiday. And become one with the environment.

When driving a motorhome, you also have to take the size into account. This is especially important if you are used to driving a passenger car. For example, you will probably not rent a camper in Noordwijk every week. That is why it is all the more important to be aware of the fact that it is not a passenger car. Take the height of the motorhome into account. And therefore also with the fact that the camper absorbs more wind. Narrow roads in the city must therefore be approached with policy. In addition, you should also think carefully about the swing at the back. Yet we are convinced that the advantages of renting a motorhome more than outweigh the disadvantages. Fortunately, driving a camper quickly gets used to it.

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Motorhome trip inspiration

Many people have already mapped out a route in their head when renting a camper in Noordwijk. This can often be enriched with an extra piece of inspiration. And that's why we like to think along with you about what a motorhome trip looks like. Go on holiday to Germany, France or go a little further afield to Croatia, Scandinavia or Italy. A motorhome is ideal for your active holiday. Go hiking in the mountains, cycle, take a city trip or make it a beach holiday!

Are we dealing with a real nature lover? Then Northern Europe might be more advisable. Travel to Scandinavia to discover countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. We have put together an inspiration page for each country to help you on your way. Discover the tips we have and travel through the northern countries of Europe with a campervan rental in Noordwijk.

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How much does renting a motorhome in Noordwijk cost?

Renting a camper in Noordwijk depends, among other things, on the camper type and the period. The rental rates therefore differ between the low, medium, high and peak seasons. In addition to the variable costs per period, we also charge one-off additional issue and collection costs. For an overview of all prices, we would like to refer you to a clear price overview.

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In order to arrange a camper rental in Noordwijk more than well, we offer practical extras and comfort packages. All to make your journey even more comfortable. For example, you can take a dog with you in some motorhomes on request. And you always benefit from the good service we offer. As a result, there are no proverbial stumbling blocks on the road during a motorhome trip! Have a nice trip.

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