Prize winners to northern Germany

Two years ago we rented a camper at "". We then went on holiday with a camper for three weeks for the first time. We liked it so much that I actually responded without any ulterior motive to the call from mr. Ernst Rauwenhoff for an evaluation of our experience. I was very surprised when I received a call from Ernst with the announcement that I was the winner of the competition organized by ""!

Saturday it was time to pick up the camper. After an extensive explanation about the functioning of all kinds of equipment on board, we went home to pack the camper. We already had everything ready in crates, so it was to take everything to the camper and put it in the right place. We were able to leave within 1250 minutes. We had prepared the trip well and knew where we were going. It became northern Germany with a total travel distance of around XNUMX km. This had to be easy to do.

At three o'clock in the afternoon we left for Bourtange with beautiful weather. This is a very nice fortified town, which is well worth a visit. There was a kind of annual fair there that lasted a total of two days.

The stalls were still there and only covered with tarpaulins with the items for sale for the following day underneath.

We spent the night at a nearby camper place at camping 't Plathuis'. It was a good place to be here and the next day (Sunday) we were awakened by a flute concert of all kinds of birds that you do not hear with us. After breakfast we left for Emden.

Found a nice parking place at the harbor. The city is definitely worth a visit, also the harbor with its impressive old ships. Drunk a cup of coffee on a terrace and left for Jever. Jever is known for its beer breweries, but since it was Sunday they were not open. We have parked the camper on a motorhome near the sports fields with the idea of ​​staying overnight, but this place did not invite us to stay overnight. Walked through the town, where it was pleasantly busy and of course also tasted of the locally brewed moisture. After enjoying all the good things from Jever, we went looking for another motorhome. We found this in Wittmund and on Campingplatz Isums. This is not far from Jever.

On this very beautiful motorhome we were received very friendly and helped by the owners and not to mention the cat. Here we found very nice and clean sanitary facilities that invited us to take a wonderful shower after a rather tiring journey for us. The weather was sunny and hot. After dinner we read a bit and prepared us for the next day that would take us to Bremen.

After we first found a nice motorhome near Bremen, which was fully equipped, we went to see the city. The weather was still excellent. Bremen is very worthwhile to devote an extensive viewing. I will not go into that further, because everything can be found extensively on the internet. After lunch we went back to the camper place where we spent the rest of the day. The weather started to change, dark clouds were floating on it and it threatened to rain.

On Tuesday we left for Celle and Gifhorn. Celle is known for its half-timbered houses, but because it poured with rain, we only enjoyed a cup of home-brewed coffee somewhere in a parking lot in Celle. Celle has a very nicely located camper place. After coffee on to Gifhorn which would have a few nice windmills. Again, the rain was a bummer. We decided to look for a camper place and found it in Isenbüttel at Camping Tankumsee GmbH. We got there a little early and had to wait for the staff's break to pass. The weather seemed to be getting better, it wasn't raining that hard anymore. After taking a walk along the adjacent lake, we quickly returned to the camper. It was a lot more pleasant inside than outside. We enjoyed reading etc.

On Wednesday we left again at 9:30 am towards Braunschweig and Hameln. Braunschweig did not invite a visit. Here too it was a bummer. So we drove on to Hameln. Found a camper place in this town which is about 1 km from the center of the old town. The weather was still very wet. Despite that I still went looking for the Pied Piper of Hameln. But we found him anyway. Hameln is a very beautiful old town, located on the at that time fast-flowing Weser. Had a lovely lunch here and made a walk through the city with its many sights. It was striking that many groups of tourists explored the city accompanied by a guide. Then quickly left to the camper to dry up a bit and get warm again. And it kept raining, now and then softly but usually still hard.

On Thursday we left for Münster. The impressive castle and the city center with its beautiful buildings and of course not to forget: the shopping center. Finally it started to rain less and less, sometimes it even got dry for a while. Because we have to be home again on Friday to clean the camper again, we decided to drive to Enschede to look for a camper place or campsite there somewhere. This was found in Enschede on the Usseler Markeweg. This is an SVR mini-campsite, but fully equipped. After a wonderful overnight stay at this campsite, we woke up with a radiant sun on Friday morning. Hurray, it was dry and the sun was shining brightly. Moreover, the temperature was again very pleasant. After a delicious breakfast everything cleaned up and cleaned up and left for home.

All in all we enjoyed the trip and despite the rain we were able to enjoy it. From the beautiful villages, from the beautiful landscapes and the beautiful quiet roads. We have covered 1300 km on a beautiful route through northern Germany. During this trip we avoided the motorways, except on the way there and back.

We found the listed camper pitches via Campercontact of the NKC. We have installed the file with the motorhome pitches on the Tomtom, making it very easy to find the selected motorhome pitch. We determined our route via a route planner on the computer and printed it to serve as a guide for our journey. This trip has reinforced our decision to buy a motorhome ourselves. You feel totally free to come and go wherever and whenever you want. You get to know the local population and experience how friendly they are. Truly a relief.

Finally, a word of thanks to “”. I don't easily advertise, but it must be emphasized here how knowledgeable, friendly and helpful they are. If there is anything wrong with the RV, a phone call to Mr. Ernst Rauwenhoff sufficient to solve the problems with expert and effective advice. Customer-friendliness is a top priority for him.