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Top motorhome holidays: France

The ultimate holiday feeling and the city of love

France is one of the most suitable camper countries. Everywhere are camper pitches with extensive facilities.

France is a very varied country. The country has a lot to offer. The unique cosmopolitan city of Paris is one of the crowd pullers that you will find in France, and there are also the French Alps with famous parks such as Vanoise en Mercantour, but also the castles on the Loire and the famous caves of the Valley of Vézère.

Culinary France

French cuisine is known all over the world for its delicious food and beautiful wines. Boeuf Bourguignon and quiche are well-known dishes. In addition to this fact, you will find countless vineyards in France and each district has its own cheeses. Gastronomic tourism is very popular in France. Through this tourism you get to know the different regions better and it offers the opportunity to cook together with the French.

Do you think that after drinking a glass of wine you will not get behind the wheel? Even though you have nothing to drink, since July 1, 2012 there must be an alcohol tester in your car or camper present.

Castles, fortresses and nature

The country of France has a long history, much of which has been preserved. The number of beautiful castles, fortresses, churches and abbeys is large. Normandy is teeming with medieval castles and country houses. The military architecture is still present, examples are the fortified castles of Caen and Falaise, as well as the castles of Gaillard Andelys, Gisors and Harcourt.

In France, tolls are charged on most motorways. So make sure you have the necessary information about payment options and rates in advance.

Ben and Sander have toured France several times with one of our motorhomes. This is the travelogue of 2014. France is a unique country and worth a trip.