Top Motorhome Holidays: Italy

Camperland Italy

Italy is a beautiful country to cross with a camper. Facilities for the camper can be found throughout the country. Long or short-term parking in special parking spaces, or a campsite that is entirely suitable for camping with a camper.

Beautiful villages and towns. Beautiful mountains and delicious pasta in all shapes and sizes, cultural highlights and the Mediterranean climate. "Bellissimo!"

Note: Almost all motorways in Italy are toll roads.

The divine kitchen

Good food and Italy are inseparable. Enjoy an extensive lunch or dinner with the most delicious pastas, pizzas or other Italian dishes. In many cases, the fresh products pile up. In addition, enjoy a delicious Italian wine such as a prosecco and have a tiramisu for dessert. In short, let yourself be pampered by the delicious Italian specialties. Take a look at this page to get an impression of Italian cuisine.

Cultural Italy

The country of Italy has a lot to offer, from beaches to ancient cities. Visit large Catholic churches such as St. Peter's Church or Il Duomo in Milan. Those who want to see what in Rome should toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain and visit the imposing Colosseum. Take a tour of Venice in a gondola and enjoy the narrow streets, bridges and old stately houses.

More and more Italians speak some English. Sometimes very inadequate, but certainly in tourist places you can go almost everywhere with English, sometimes also with German or French.

When to Italy?

  • Because Italy has a lot of mountainous landscape, you can go there for winter sports in the winter.
  • In the period between the end of April and the beginning of October, many parts of Italy are characterized by pleasant temperatures and many hours of sunshine. The hottest months are July and August.
  • For a real sun and beach holiday, it is best to go to Italy between mid-June and the end of August.