Top Motorhome Holidays: Norway

Enjoy vikings and fjords in the land

Norway is a country with beautiful nature and age-old traditions. There are countless fjords, forests, tundras and high plains. Norway is also the land of the vikings and the moose.

Stand on the famous northern cape, cruise through the many fjords and stand eye to eye with polar bears and walruses.

Oslo with its fjords and hills

Norway is one of the five Scandinavian countries, the capital of Norway is Oslo. Oslo is surrounded by fjords and hills. In terms of population, the city of Oslo does not represent much and therefore when you are in Oslo you do not have the idea that you are in a huge metropolis. In the city of Oslo there are countless shops and restaurants. Oslo has several museums, but the top attractions are: the Vigelandsparken with the sculpture park, the Opera House, Akershus Fortress and the Viking Ship Museum.

The popular sights in Norway are relatively far apart, so the advice is not to rent a holiday home if you want to travel.

Bread and fish dishes

Like the Netherlands, Norway is a real bread country, bread is often eaten in combination with different types of cheese. There are different types of white and brown bread for sale in Norway. In addition to bread, a lot of fish is eaten in this Scandinavian country. Cod and salmon are popular fish that are on the menu in almost every Norwegian restaurant.

The prices for food and drinks are relatively high in Norway compared to the Netherlands. If you go on holiday with the camper, it is therefore advisable to do your shopping before you travel.

Northern lights

The Northern Lights can be observed in several countries, but when it comes to Northern Lights, Norway is the country of choice. The biggest chance to see the light show with your own eyes is in the months of October and February. The light show is very special to experience.

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