Top Motorhome Holidays: Sweden

Wild mountains, idyllic islands and wild forests

One enchanting Scandinavian country, Sweden. Norway's eastern neighbor. An elongated country that has already surprised several camper travelers with its beautiful nature. Nature is very diverse, from wild forests to deep lakes. In addition to beautiful nature, there are special animals to be found. Lynxes, foxes, bears and moose and many more animals return to the Swedish landscape.

There are two possibilities to travel from the Netherlands to Sweden with a camper. You can choose to reach Sweden via various bridges, or you can choose to use one of the ferry services. Here you will find more information about traveling to Sweden.


The capital of Sweden is the city of Stockholm. It is beautifully situated and built on fourteen different islands that are connected by bridges. With almost 800.000 inhabitants, the city is one of the largest cities in Northern Europe. Stockholm has busy squares as well as quiet parks. The historic center with its medieval streets and royal palaces is combined with nice shops, cozy stalls, delicious restaurants and picturesque bars.
Tip: As far as drinking is concerned: you can safely drink water from the tap in Sweden, since it is properly purified.

Laponia World Heritage

In addition, it is beautiful in Sweden Lapland to find. This includes four National Parks, namely muddus, Sarek, padjelanta en Stora Sjofallet. Laponia is located in the north of Sweden and the west of Lapland. The Lappen have a special culture, nice to meet you. In the area you will find the original wild nature of no less than 9.400 square kilometers, which mainly consists of mountain scenery. By preserving this nature and maintaining the Sami culture, this area has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Hiking is recommended in this area. In the swamp, mountains or forests you can look for traces of reindeer caravans, or beautiful birds. From Lapland you can also make a crossing to the Lapland of neighboring countries Norway and Finland.



When to visit Sweden?

When we Dutch think of Sweden, it is often thought that it is very cold. However, it is not always dark, cold and wet. In the summer it can regularly become just as warm as in the Netherlands, and in Sweden the weather is often less rainy. Partly for this reason, the summer months are a very interesting period to go to Sweden with the Camper.