Weekend away: Drenthe and Groningen

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Drenthe and Groningen

Surprisingly Drenthe and Groningen are both historical and modern.

In the north of the Netherlands we soon think of Friesland. But don't forget the neighbors! Drenthe en Groningen have at least as much to offer.

5000 years of history

You will find a rich history in this unique part of the Netherlands. There are more than 50 scattered over the forests of Drenthe hunebeds. These prehistoric burial chambers are more than five millennia old! Experts believe that they were built by the first farmers, but the construction methods and the meaning of the dolmens remain mysterious.

Dolmens are made of boulders that are covered with earth. The use of earth as a roof covering was still visible thousands of years later in the famous turf huts. In the Peat park at Emmen you learn more about the peat industry and you can visit a real cattle village.

Hanseatic city, trading city

Groningen also has a glorious past. From the late Middle Ages, Groningen was part of the network of Hanseatic cities. This commercial spirit can still be seen in the many warehouses in the center of the city. The important role of religion is also clearly recognizable: the province is home to a large number of historical ones monasteries.

All the way now

But Drenthe and Groningen certainly did not get stuck in the past! The city of Groningen pays a lot of attention to contemporary art. That's how it became in the 90s ultra modern Groningen museum built. The university is in the top 3 of the most progressive natural sciences faculties in Europe.

For a more adventurous day out you can go to it TT ciruit in Assen. There you will regularly find motorsport events.

For the kids

The north also has a lot to offer for children. For example, there is the seal sanctuary in Pieterburen, but also it Dutch Comic Museum in Groningen and the Ellert & Brammert museum in Schoonoord.